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You found my page, how wonderful, welcome! I believe in synchronicity. I hope you do too! Perhaps the contents on these pages will speak truth to you and provide even more synchronicity.

Hello, my name is Tracy Durrant and this website is all about healing naturally, the way our bodies were intended to heal. Natural healing that is available for all who seek it. Thank you for joining me. I am an Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Master of Metaphysics and Intuitive Healer. I work with several methods of holistic healing to help you achieve natural healing with the core methods being the Emotion Code and Body Code. Perhaps you have been looking for ways to heal naturally and the good news is that there are ways to achieve that.

Energy Healing is a Power Method of Holistic Healing

The Emotion and Body Code identifies and corrects the imbalances of negative emotional energy that has become stuck at the cellular level. Using muscle testing and my intuitive skills I can find and release what I call Trapped Emotions or the Heart Wall as well as a host of other negative energies such as saboteurs, curses and negative cording just to name a few. There are many unseen energies that wreak havoc in our lives making it difficult and sometimes unbearable to endure. Life shouldn’t have to be this way, it is meant to be enjoyed!

This unique method of energy healing, is gentle and non invasive as well as content free, this means Heart breaking through a wall 2that no reliving or verbalizing of painful experiences needs to occur for the healing to work. This method is ideal for those hesitant towards the more traditional methods although traditional methods have their place.

All stress and symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know there is something within us that we are ready to heal and release. The symptoms and stress we are experiencing are negative energies, and it is our body’s way of getting our attention. Symptoms are literally the language of the subconscious mind.  Whether the challenge we are experiencing shows up as emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual dis-ease, it can be found and released, thereby creating harmony and healing on a deep level, where permanent healing occurs.

Sad-girlTrapped Emotions are negative energies which distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain and malfunction as well as all manner of disease, dis-ease. They are also the driving force behind the unwanted patterns we seem to create and recreate in our lives.

I have found these techniques I use to be the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find and eliminate unwanted emotional baggage for yourself or someone youBalance rocks2 love. I believe I can help you find  balance and freedom as well as the peace and comfort you are searching for. You and your loved ones deserve to move on and live more abundantly in every area of life. I offer sessions over the phone, through email and in person. The Emotion Code Therapy is only one method I am able to use when clearing negative energy. Click here on sessions to find out more about the services and packages I offer.

Lay claim to great health now! Looking forward to working together to achieve your best health. Let’s kick some serious negative energy!


Tracy Durrant

CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Rescue Medium, Shaman, Master of Metaphysics & Conscious Life Mentor

Connect with Tracy at tracy.durrant@gmail.com or by phone at 801-884-3434 MT

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