Trapped Emotions

What are Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions (TE) are negative energies that cause imbalances in our system which can lead to emotional, mental and physical pain. If left untreated they eventually lead to disease, dis-ease. TE can have a dramatic and adverse affect on how we think and feel as well as how we relate to others. TE cause unwanted patterns in our lives that will keep showing up again and again because the negitive emotion is resonating in our bodies. Therefore like attracts like. They contribute to the choices we make and they can negatively affect our personal relationships and our success if not found and released.

TE are the driving force behind all manner of malfunction and pain, diseases such as PTSD, depression, bi-polar disease, anxiety, phobias, low self esteem, mental confusion and insomnia to name a few, can wreak havoc in our system. The list goes on! The releasing of TE can help us to overcome compulsive behaviors such as alcohol & drug abuse and eating distorters as well as sex, pornography, gambling, nicotine, caffeine and shopping addictions. When a person eliminates their Heart Wall, they experience empowering and permanent emotional well being and healing, a sense of freedom! We say permanent  because it releases at a deep cellular level. You can put a band-aid on the wound and it will heal on the outside but the negative energy is there to stay unless it has been found and released.

TE are created at different times throughout our lives when we are in situations that are intense or just hard to process. TE can be passed down through our genetic line, literally in our DNA, leaving us with DNA 2the kind of inheritance we do not want. Medicine has discovered that when grandma suffered from an inherited disease, then its a good chance that you might also. We now know that she may have struggled with a TE that caused the malfunction in the first place. Let’s say grandma struggled with the emotions of anger and indecisiveness. Because she didn’t have alternative medicine like the Emotion Code available to her she wasn’t able to release it at the cellular level. Therefore, the TE were passed down to you through the DNA. The good news is that when you release the negative energy it will no longer be passed down, it releases in your posterity as well as where it originated. That is pretty cool! I love that energy works that way, everyone wins!

TracyHello, I am Tracy Durrant, a fully qualified CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can help you achieve better health and well being with an Emotion Code therapy session, either on the phone, skype or by email. It’s a powerful and simple way to eliminate yourself of these destructive negative emotions. Releasing TE often results in the sudden disappearance of aches and pains, self-sabotaging patterns and recurring relationship difficulties. What do you have to lose? Try a session with me and see the difference it can make! Short trial Emotion Code sessions are available. Take your life back, it’s time to feel better and expect more out of life!!

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