Revealing the Hidden Energetic Field in all Living Things

Kirlian:appleIn 1939 a man by the name of Semyon Kirlian invented an amazing photographic technique that is known as Kirlian photography. Many studies that have been published about this kind of photography. What makes this photography unique is that it shows us the energy field in all living things, which to the naked eye is hidden. His photography exposes the living energy within the subjects. Seemingly lifeless grains of wheat that had been lying dormant for thousands of years were able to grow when given proper water and sunlight. One of my favorite Kirlian photos is of an apple cut in half. Beautiful!

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Healing Animals

Releasing Trapped Emotions from our pets.

Animals experience the same range of emotions that humans do and just like us they either movePets:sad older dog through the emotions easily or the emotion can become stuck. Any animal lover will tell you that their pets behavior and body language will give subtle hints as to what emotion they may be experiencing. Our pets have feelings too and when events in their lives are traumatic they can suffer from Trapped Emotions (TE) or may have even developed a Heart Wall. These TE can be released with the Emotion Code.

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Heart Wall

What is the Heart Wall?

Heart breaking through a wall 2

The Heart Wall is an emotional wall that our subconscious mind will place around our heart chakra in an attempt to shield and protect the Heart from being hurt, it is made up of trapped emotions (TE), these are literally negative emotional energies that have become stuck which if not eliminated they may cause problems . The Heart Wall blocks our ability to give and receive love easily and effortlessly. It may also create emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and numbness as well as a host of other challenges. It may cause physical effects such as neck pain, shoulder trouble, discomfort in the chest and heart diseases to name a few. It blocks our ability to live an abundant life. Happiness can be hard to find. Our relationships, careers and sense of self worth suffer because of it.

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