Heart Wall

What is the Heart Wall?

Heart breaking through a wall 2

The Heart Wall is an emotional wall that our subconscious mind will place around our heart chakra in an attempt to shield and protect the Heart from being hurt, it is made up of trapped emotions (TE), these are literally negative emotional energies that have become stuck which if not eliminated they may cause problems . The Heart Wall blocks our ability to give and receive love easily and effortlessly. It may also create emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and numbness as well as a host of other challenges. It may cause physical effects such as neck pain, shoulder trouble, discomfort in the chest and heart diseases to name a few. It blocks our ability to live an abundant life. Happiness can be hard to find. Our relationships, careers and sense of self worth suffer because of it.

The Heart Wall serves a purpose in the beginning similar to that of a protective bunker. However, you wouldn’t want to live in the bunker for the rest of your life never seeing the sun, feeling the rain on your face, smelling the beautiful scent of a flower or enjoying the simple laughter of a child. Studies have suggested that 93% of us have a Heart Wall. Emotionally-charged events from our past can still be haunting us today in the form of TE, they distort our auras and block the natural flow of our energy field. I have found one of the most fascinating discoveries that Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of the Emotion Code, has made. My discovery started me on a personal path to well being. I have eliminated my Heart Wall along with many others. I am passionate about this work because I have seen it change peoples lives for the better.

The goal here is to free ourselves of these harmful negative energies so we can claim a more abundant Person feeling feellife. A life filled with happiness, achievement and success. Science has proven that our thoughts and feelings come with their own frequencies, their own fingerprint or blueprint so to speak. Love, appreciation, and gratitude are among the highest and best frequencies! Shame and guilt are among the lowest and most damaging frequencies. Imagine if you had a Heart Wall partly made up of emotions such as rejection, panic, jealousy and so on. These emotions would then be resonating in your body and it would be much easier to attract more of the same. Therefore it would be much harder to move through those emotions. It is well worth the effort to find out for yourself what eliminating your Heart Wall can do for you. You can eliminate your Heart Wall by choosing wellness!!

TracyHello, I am Tracy Durrant, a fully qualified CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner registered with Dr. Nelson. My training is continuously updated. I have worked with people worldwide via the telephone, with skype and through email. Please visit www.healingthemindbodyandsoul.com for more information or to book an Emotion Code therapy session with me . It’s time to start living the life you were meant to live!!