Healing Animals

Releasing Trapped Emotions from our pets.

Animals experience the same range of emotions that humans do and just like us they either movePets:sad older dog through the emotions easily or the emotion can become stuck. Any animal lover will tell you that their pets behavior and body language will give subtle hints as to what emotion they may be experiencing. Our pets have feelings too and when events in their lives are traumatic they can suffer from Trapped Emotions (TE) or may have even developed a Heart Wall. These TE can be released with the Emotion Code.

Pets:sad kitty:blue eyesYour pets TE can be released just as a humans would, there is essentially no difference in the technique used. The best part about releasing TE or the Heart Wall from your pet is that they tend to respond very quickly to the procedure and because they’re animals, we know it isn’t just the placebo effect. Studies have shown that 9 times out of 10, the challenges our beloved pets are experiencing are due to TE either physically or emotionally in nature.

Is your pet demonstrating bad behavior each time you leave the home? This could simply be due to a TE emotion such as fear or loneliness. Your pet may even be experiencing depression or anxiety and we know that these emotions can be causing them a host of physical and emotional imbalances. Imagine if you had the frequency of fear or anxiety resonating in your body, trapped there by a previous traumatic experience. We know that like attracts like and so it would be much easier to feel those emotions. Your pet could be behaving badly because he is experiencing great anxiety as you leave. It would be well worth finding out if your pet has TE that are leading to bad behavior.

As a pet owner myself I have had the privilege of releasing a Heart Wall from my dog TJ. He suffered from depression after losing two of his brothers in the same year. Moving to a condo without a yard after living on six acres for most of his life added to his depression as well. Once I cleared TJ’s Heart Wall I Pets:happy dognoticed a more playful dog. He was the happy dog I knew and loved.

Our animals are our companions as well as our friends. We come to love them as a member of our family. We love them deeply, we feed them, shelter them, and care for their needs as best as we can. Releasing TE is another tool we can use to ensure great health and well being for our pets.

TracyHello, I am Tracy Durrant, a fully qualified CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can help your pet achieve better health and well being with an Emotion Code therapy session, either on the phone, skype or by email. It’s a powerful and simple way to eliminate your pet of these destructive negative emotions. Releasing TE often results in the sudden disappearance of bad or sad behavior that your pet may be demonstrating as well as aches and pains they may be experiencing. What do you have to lose? Try a session with me and see the difference it can make! Short trial Emotion Code sessions are available. Visit www.healingthemindbodyandsoul.com for more information.

Giving your pet the gift of well being is just another way to show them you care!!