Revealing the Hidden Energetic Field in all Living Things

Kirlian:appleIn 1939 a man by the name of Semyon Kirlian invented an amazing photographic technique that is known as Kirlian photography. Many studies that have been published about this kind of photography. What makes this photography unique is that it shows us the energy field in all living things, which to the naked eye is hidden. His photography exposes the living energy within the subjects. Seemingly lifeless grains of wheat that had been lying dormant for thousands of years were able to grow when given proper water and sunlight. One of my favorite Kirlian photos is of an apple cut in half. Beautiful!

I was fascinated to see that when scientists would cut the top off from a living leaf and discard it, they Kirlian:cut leafwould immediately photograph the bottom half of the leaf with the Kirlian technique. The photograph would reveal the hidden energy field of the leaf. We see here the upper part of the leaf that is in ghost form is actually an image of the energy field of the leaf. The upper part of the leaf was physically removed but the energetic field still remains very much intact which make the leaf complete. There are many different names for this energy field. Names such as prana, qi and chi as well as the life force or the spirit to name a few, but they are all names that describe the same thing.

kirlian:handsI believe everything was created spiritually before it was physically created. The spiritual part is the energetic fingerprint or blueprint if you will, of everything physical. Take a glove for example, without a hand inside the glove it is just a lifeless shell. The spirit defines who we are, our intelligence. The spiritual is the template (hand) that the physical body (glove) grows into. The template of our energetic or spiritual body can sometimes become imbalanced. This can happen during intense emotional times throughout our lives in the form of Trapped Emotions (TE).

Our emotions are made up of energy just like everything else. Each emotion has it’s own blueprint, they vibrate at their own frequency. Emotions like love and appreciation are among the highest and healthiest frequencies. Shame and guilt are among the lowest and most damaging to our bodies. TE are truly an invisible epidemic. Emotions color our world happy or not-so-happy depending on the emotion. Sometimes we will experience negative emotions such as resentment, frustration or hatred. These negative emotional energies may often get stuck within our energetic field. These negative emotional frequencies cause malfunctions, diseases, discomfort and many other problems. There are ways we can eliminate these disruptive TE to ensure the best health and well being for ourselves.

TracyHello, I am Tracy Durrant, a fully qualified CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can help you eliminate unwanted TE to achieve better health with an Emotion Code therapy session, either on the phone, skype or by email. It’s a powerful and simple way to eliminate yourself of these destructive negative emotions. Releasing TE often results in the sudden disappearance of aches and pains, self-sabotaging patterns and recurring relationship difficulties. Animals can also benefit from releasing their TE. What do you have to lose? Try a session with me and see the difference it can make! Short trial Emotion Code sessions are available at Take your life back, it’s time to feel better and expect more out of life!!