Children & the Emotion Code

AdultHoldingChildsHandCan the Emotion Code help my child? The answer comes to you with a resounding YES! Not only are children much easier to work with, they heal much faster and most often right away. The reasons are simple, they are much more aware of the energies around them than adults are. They haven’t developed negative or false beliefs; they haven’t placed limitations on themselves or the world around them. They haven’t formed an opinion on what works and what doesn’t, they simply trust. They are much more open to the possibilities without even trying. They never wait around hoping to see if it will work and they never spend one second doubting. This is a powerful piece to the puzzle of life and a huge part of their healing process; it’s mine and every alternative health care provider’s best client!!

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Understanding Energy


Energy and how it relates to the Emotion Code

Blue_energy-blogWe know there is an energy field in all living things. The chairs we sit in, the food we eat, the air we breathe, trees, animals, everything!! And every-thing has its own unique frequency, its own blue print so to speak. This energy field is known by many different names – the prana, chi, qi, life force, the spirit and more. This means that even the words we think and speak come with their very own frequency.

In the popular book “Messages from Water”, Masaru Emoto and his team of scientists explain what they found by flash freezing water droplets into snowflakes. They measured water from reservoirs, lakes and streams in Japan. What they discovered, as they flash froze the water were many patterns immerging according to where the water was from and what the water was exposed to. Continue reading