Understanding Energy


Energy and how it relates to the Emotion Code

Blue_energy-blogWe know there is an energy field in all living things. The chairs we sit in, the food we eat, the air we breathe, trees, animals, everything!! And every-thing has its own unique frequency, its own blue print so to speak. This energy field is known by many different names – the prana, chi, qi, life force, the spirit and more. This means that even the words we think and speak come with their very own frequency.

In the popular book “Messages from Water”, Masaru Emoto and his team of scientists explain what they found by flash freezing water droplets into snowflakes. They measured water from reservoirs, lakes and streams in Japan. What they discovered, as they flash froze the water were many patterns immerging according to where the water was from and what the water was exposed to.

The most fascinating to me was when they would attach words or phases to the bottles. He observed that when he attached positive words such as love and gratitude beautiful crystal snowflakes would appear.

"Love & Gratitude"

“Love & Gratitude”

The opposite would appear if he attached negative words such as hate or stress, with these words he would discover disorganized blobs.

"You Make Me Sick"

“You Make Me Sick”

To his delight we would always find the most beautiful crystals matched up with the positive statements. Equally as fascinating he would also expose the water to different types of music ranging from acid rock to Mozart overnight and again he would freeze the water to find dramatic differences depending on the music. I bet you can guess which music yielded beautiful crystals and which did not.

He shows us that even our words and intentions have their own unique frequency or vibration. The more positive the word is, the higher the vibration. High vibrational words have a very different effect on us and our bodies than we think. We feel great when positive words are spoken to us or even if we think them opposed to when we think or experience negative words being spoken to us. Very positive and powerful energy is delivered with the simple message of “thank you!” So, thank you to Masaru Emoto and his team of scientist for helping us to understand energy and how it affects us as well as the world around us. Knowledge is power!

The Emotion Code therapy is a powerful method of holistic energy healing. It identifies and corrects the imbalances of negative emotional energy that has become stuck at the cellular level. Using muscle testing we can find and release what we call Trapped Emotions or the Heart Wall. Trapped Emotions (TE) are negative energy frequencies that distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain and malfunction as well as all manner of disease, dis-ease.

My name is Tracy Durrant, I am a CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Together we can release these destructive energies. You’ll feel better and therefore be able to create a much happier life, a more abundant life! Click here to learn more about an Emotion Code Therapy Session or go to healingthemindbodyandsoul.com to learn more about how you can eliminate these negative frequencies from your body.