Children & the Emotion Code

AdultHoldingChildsHandCan the Emotion Code help my child? The answer comes to you with a resounding YES! Not only are children much easier to work with, they heal much faster and most often right away. The reasons are simple, they are much more aware of the energies around them than adults are. They haven’t developed negative or false beliefs; they haven’t placed limitations on themselves or the world around them. They haven’t formed an opinion on what works and what doesn’t, they simply trust. They are much more open to the possibilities without even trying. They never wait around hoping to see if it will work and they never spend one second doubting. This is a powerful piece to the puzzle of life and a huge part of their healing process; it’s mine and every alternative health care provider’s best client!!

Can you remember what it was like seeing through the eyes of a child? The possibilities were endless.through child eyes As adults, we place invisible and destructive barriers around us as a form of protection. We shut down, close off, stop trusting and have much less faith. There is wonder, joy and magic all around us just waiting to be discovered.  As we go through life we slowly begin to become less and less aware of the energy around us and our innate ability to see, sense and feel these energies.

Everything is possible for he who believes!  Life would be a much happier one if we would trust the world around us for what we do, feel, say and think goes out into the world and is mirrored back to us. When a child lives with trust, faith, peace, joy, acceptance, willingness and courage then the world around them reflects this back to them. It’s no wonder we love these beautiful little souls and the child in you is not lost, find them, they’re there, waiting to play.

In short, an Emotion Code Session can indeed work for your child. If they have derailed for any reason mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually it could be that they may have a Trapped Emotion or built up a Heart Wall that has caused the problem. Let an Emotion Code Therapy Session work for them.

I am Tracy Durrant and I would love to work with you and your child. Because energy has no boundaries an Emotion Code Therapy Session can be done over the phone, through email or in person. Your child can be present or not. I have worked with parents on behalf of their children and have seen great results. I have been blessed to have received beautiful praise from happy parents. Please see testimonial.