How Western Medicine Unfolded

Triage:Western MedicineImagine you are on a battlefield and you have just witnessed your comrade lose his leg from being hit with a cannon ball. You are now suddenly in crisis mode. Despite being hurt yourself you fortunately react quickly, you race to his side, pick him up and throw him over your shoulder. Through your own pain you carry him to triage which is close to two hundred yards away. Your hope is that the doctors that are there are ready to perform heroic measures and save your friends life. They do save his life but unfortunately they have to remove his leg in order to do so. This traditional approach to medicine was born on the battlefield and with good intention. Heroic measures were taken and thank heavens we have doctors that can save our lives when we experience a crisis. They have and continue to save the lives of many day after day.

However focusing on medicine and healing in this way has made many of us think we have to wait until we are in crisis before we go to the doctor. Continue reading