How Western Medicine Unfolded

Triage:Western MedicineImagine you are on a battlefield and you have just witnessed your comrade lose his leg from being hit with a cannon ball. You are now suddenly in crisis mode. Despite being hurt yourself you fortunately react quickly, you race to his side, pick him up and throw him over your shoulder. Through your own pain you carry him to triage which is close to two hundred yards away. Your hope is that the doctors that are there are ready to perform heroic measures and save your friends life. They do save his life but unfortunately they have to remove his leg in order to do so. This traditional approach to medicine was born on the battlefield and with good intention. Heroic measures were taken and thank heavens we have doctors that can save our lives when we experience a crisis. They have and continue to save the lives of many day after day.

However focusing on medicine and healing in this way has made many of us think we have to wait until we are in crisis before we go to the doctor. We wait until the symptoms are unbearable or unavoidable. We ignore the signs our amazing bodies have tried to communicate to us for far to long. As a result, western medicine has no choice than to focus on the external causes of disease. Dramatic intervention is taken which usually means suppressing the symptoms or unnecessary surgeries.  We perpetuate this approach because we just want the pain to go away!! I understand there are times when taking medication is absolutely appropriate, I also understand medication has its place and I would never suggest that anyone should go off their medication but as the only soulution, absolutely not.

Ancient medicine understood and continues to understand our ENERGY BODY. It focuses on the internal causes, the root causes of disease and malfunction. Disease and malfunction are the manifestation of negative energies which have distorted  the normal energy field of our bodies. When our energy field is bombarded and compromised with negative energies such as Trapped Emotions, Psychic Traumas or the Heart Wall to name a few, our symptoms and diseases are literally the language our subconscious mind uses to get our attention!! All stress and symptoms are our bodies way of letting us know there is something within us that needs to be addressed. It screams, “I am ready to be healed and released”. These destructive energies will affect our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Alternative medicine such as the Emotion Code is being widely recognized as a Body mind and spirit:ying yangwonderful solution for eliminating yourself of these negative energies before heroic measures have to be taken. Listen to your body, take positive actions to eliminate these nasty energies so that you and your loved ones can enjoy life without pain and worry. It would do us all some good to stop chasing symptoms with unnecessary medications, stop covering up symptoms and stop ignoring the signs our bodies are trying to communicate to us. The present dilemma we are in is the direct result of the traditional approach to medicine and the battle field mentality. Isn’t it time to step away from the battle fields we create in our lives? You have the power to change your health, to create balance and harmony within.

My name is Tracy Durrant and I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can assist you in attaining well being. I have eliminated unwanted energies from myself as well as my clients. I can help the energy field around and within your body return to its original state. Please click here on Trapped Emotions or the Heart Wall to learn more about these negative energies and how they effect us. Click on therapy sessions for more information on the sessions I offer. It’s time to live life with more abundance, abundant health and abundant happieness!