Despair Anchors

negative_wordsDespair Anchors, what are they? They are negative and despairing statements that are perceived as truths by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind will seek to verify and to fulfill that truth. Despairing anchors (some might call them negative labels) will occur from repetitive or severe negative thinking. “I am not smart enough”, “I will never succeed”, “I will never be good enough” sound like something you may have consciously said to yourself a time or two? None of us are exempt from them. I’m sure you can think of some now, they affect our lives in dramatic and damaging ways. Often times we have allowed others to assign despairing labels to us by unknowingly allowing them to be buried into our subconscious mind. Even worse we assign despair anchors to ourselves. When we believe these pessimistic statements, we anchor that negative statement to our Souls. It now becomes a part of our very own personal blue print, our DNA is now coated with it.

Imagine if you will, you’re in the second grade, your teacher observes that you have spelled the word they incorrectly. In her frustration she grabs your paper, holds it high for the entire class to see and declares “look everyone, David just can’t seem to spell the word they correctly!” Now peering down at you she adds, “what is wrong with you, didn’t you listen?” She dramatically slaps your paper down and proceeds to give the class additional spelling homework for the night. After school BeeMedia_Sad-Boy (7)you slowly walk home alone remembering the relentless sneers and jabs on the playground, “hey dummy, thanks a lot” rings in your ears. That night you go to bed convinced that you are not a good listener, you can’t spell very well, teachers are mean and there must be something wrong with me! You have just embraced a negative Despair Anchor and choosing to think that way over and over again will only embed it deeper into your mind. You have allowed it to poison your thoughts, sometimes for days, months and maybe even years. They become a part of you, literally!

When I was a young woman I loved to danced. I danced well, I dreamt dancing, I breathed dancing. Life was a stage and I was on it! It was something that I was good at and made me happy. When I danced, my world was a wonderful place. When I wasn’t dancing my Soul ached to dance! My high school dance teacher approached me one day in my senior year and said, “I would love to meet with you and your parents, let’s make that happen.” In that meeting she told us what she saw in me. DancerShe saw a very talented dancer. A dancer with heart, a dancer that could tell a story by just the way she moves her body. With excitement she then proudly offered me a full ride scholarship in dance. She continued, “You are a one of a kind and you could go anywhere you wanted to in dance.” My teacher was sure of it and truly wanted to see it happen. My mother was thrilled, I was amazed beyond words. I knew my teacher felt that way, she had mentioned it often but had never mentioned a scholarship. “What do you think?” she said. Through my mother’s tears she choked out the words “well of course” and they both turned to me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I couldn’t formulate my words because at that exact moment I wasn’t thinking, yes, I would love it, I live to dance! Thank you, thank you so much. Instead I was thinking “but hippopotamuses don’t dance.”

Let me explain, I wasn’t the one who had the typical svelte ballerina’s figure. My body wasn’t the elegant type with long legs, slim arms, long neck and short torso. Mine was more on the larger athletic side. Healthy, strong, fit. I was a size 10 – 12 in high school, bigger than all my friends. My body was one that could easily endure the many hours of privates dance lessons, being in school dance company, waking up at 4:30 each morning to be a part of my high school swim team as well as be a cheer leader to boot. I worked out and not just a little each day. My life was a work out!

I remember one day in my junior high years I was spending the afternoon at a friends house. I was excited about my up and coming dance recital and with that excitement I invited my friend and her family to come watch me that weekend. My friends mother took my friend into the other room and unfortunately I over heard her say, “what makes you think, I would want to go see a hippopotamus on toe shoes?” Now fast forward to that meeting with my dance teacher and me still trying to formulate a positive thought in my head when both my mother and my teacher were waiting patiently for a response. My response went something like this. “Me? (laughing now to cover up my low self-esteem and discomfort) nooooo, pffff, I am not a good enough dancer to get a dance scholarship and I am surly not smart enough to go to college.”

All I can say now is “if I knew then, what I know no”…………If I knew now

We all have Despair Anchors and our lives would be very different without them. Here’s the good news, Despair Anchors are just like anything else. They are an energy. In my work, I help people to identify their own unique despairing labels they have anchored to their DNA. By recognizing and isolating each Despair Anchor I can release them from your subconscious mind. Once these negative unseen energies are gone from your life you will experience the shift you have truly been seeking.

You are successful, capable, talented, creative and above all, you are enough. You are EVERYTHING you want to be. Just allow yourself the gift to believe that. Be careful when you are speaking consciously to yourself, remember you are listening! Choose your words carefully. Be kind to yourself! Make the choice today to believe only the positive things you and others say about you. The world is full of negative people and negativity, don’t allow it to bleed over and into your life.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tracy Durrant, I am an Emotion Code Practitioner which is an Energy Therapist. I have seen great results in my clients lives when we take the time to find their Despair Anchors. It’s your turn, take the time to find out what life is like without these nastily little energies. You will be glad you did.

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By the way, hippopotamuses can dance! Have you ever seen the movie Fantasia?


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Tracy Durrant