Finding Yourself a Little Blue for the Holidays?

Holiday BluesHere we are neck deep in the holiday season and once again it’s time to honor our individual holiday traditions. For some of us that means getting the tree and all its trimmings out, shop for gifts, bake seasonal goodies, send holiday cards, mail the party invites, attend the company party, plan the family party, hang the stockings, decorate the house, put up the lights and prepare our homes for family and friends. Phew, did I forget anything? Oh, I am sure you can add to my list, your personal traditions. Our lists are long this time of year. Many of us have traditions that go way back and it’s time to honor them. But, what if you don’t want to? Really you would rather shout “bah, humbug” then “happy holidays”. However, that just might earn you the nickname of Grinch.

The holiday blues or seasonal depressions are very real things. For some of us it is increasingly tough to embrace happy, loving and giving feelings this time of year when we are dealing with turmoil of our own. We may be struggling with family members, time issues or having financial difficulties to name a few. This time of year could be too painful because it reminds us of the loved ones we have lost.

Do you find yourself feeling restless or irritable? Has your favorite holiday food lost its appeal? Do worries keep you up at night? Has there been a significant decrease in your energy or are you having trouble focusing on the task at hand? In the mist of all the celebrating are you feeling hopelessness, pessimistic, guilty, worthless and worst of all, helpless? All these feelings could lead to persistent sadness, anxiety or even feelings of suicide. Who wants that? This is the time of year when we could be celebrating with joy, happiness, hope and new beginnings!

Some of these feelings we deal with on a daily basis no matter what time of year it is, no matter what medications we take or the counselors we speak with. For others, these feelings occur only when the days get shorter at the end of the year. During the fall and winter months we experience decreasing amounts of sunlight as well as cooler temperatures, this could be playing a significant role in our mood shifts. It could simply be winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) where we may adopt a hibernating attitude and just want to shut the world out.

I know you don’t want to live like that, no one does. We want and need to join in the fun. Celebrate love, sing of joy and good tithings, take pleasure in our enjoy-christmasmany traditions, activities and hobbies that fill us up. We want to celebrate the people in our lives who support and love us. Doing these things will raise our vibrations as well as helping others to raise their vibrations. Why then do we sometimes have to navigate through our emotional land minds to enjoy the simple things in life? You could be experiencing the negative effects of what is called Trapped Emotions. They prevent us from seeing the beauty that surrounds us at this time and throughout the year. Trapped Emotions are lower frequency emotions such as shame, guilt, frustration or hopelessness that play a very negative role in our lives. These are only a few of the lower emotional frequencies named that affect our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and unfortunately all of us have them. Trapped Emotions are an energy, each one can be identified and released.

Your subconscious mind could have placed a negative shield around your heart; we call this the Heart Wall. Studies have shown that 93% of us have a heart wall.  Heart walls prevent us from giving and receiving love as well as enjoying an abundant life full of joy and happiness, the way life should be experienced. You too can discover what it is like living without a heart wall. To learn more about Trapped Emotions, Heart Walls and even Despair Anchors please visit

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