Finding Yourself a Little Blue for the Holidays?

Holiday BluesHere we are neck deep in the holiday season and once again it’s time to honor our individual holiday traditions. For some of us that means getting the tree and all its trimmings out, shop for gifts, bake seasonal goodies, send holiday cards, mail the party invites, attend the company party, plan the family party, hang the stockings, decorate the house, put up the lights and prepare our homes for family and friends. Phew, did I forget anything? Oh, I am sure you can add to my list, your personal traditions. Our lists are long this time of year. Many of us have traditions that go way back and it’s time to honor them. But, what if you don’t want to? Really you would rather shout “bah, humbug” then “happy holidays”. However, that just might earn you the nickname of Grinch.

The holiday blues or seasonal depressions are very real things. For some of us it is increasingly tough to embrace happy, loving and giving feelings this time of year when we are dealing with turmoil of our own. We may be struggling with family members, time issues or having financial difficulties to name a few. This time of year could be too painful because it reminds us of the loved ones we have lost. Continue reading

Despair Anchors

negative_wordsDespair Anchors, what are they? They are negative and despairing statements that are perceived as truths by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind will seek to verify and to fulfill that truth. Despairing anchors (some might call them negative labels) will occur from repetitive or severe negative thinking. “I am not smart enough”, “I will never succeed”, “I will never be good enough” sound like something you may have consciously said to yourself a time or two? None of us are exempt from them. I’m sure you can think of some now, they affect our lives in dramatic and damaging ways. Often times we have allowed others to assign despairing labels to us by unknowingly allowing them to be buried into our subconscious mind. Even worse we assign despair anchors to ourselves. When we believe these pessimistic statements, we anchor that negative statement to our Souls. It now becomes a part of our very own personal blue print, our DNA is now coated with it. Continue reading

How Western Medicine Unfolded

Triage:Western MedicineImagine you are on a battlefield and you have just witnessed your comrade lose his leg from being hit with a cannon ball. You are now suddenly in crisis mode. Despite being hurt yourself you fortunately react quickly, you race to his side, pick him up and throw him over your shoulder. Through your own pain you carry him to triage which is close to two hundred yards away. Your hope is that the doctors that are there are ready to perform heroic measures and save your friends life. They do save his life but unfortunately they have to remove his leg in order to do so. This traditional approach to medicine was born on the battlefield and with good intention. Heroic measures were taken and thank heavens we have doctors that can save our lives when we experience a crisis. They have and continue to save the lives of many day after day.

However focusing on medicine and healing in this way has made many of us think we have to wait until we are in crisis before we go to the doctor. Continue reading

Children & the Emotion Code

AdultHoldingChildsHandCan the Emotion Code help my child? The answer comes to you with a resounding YES! Not only are children much easier to work with, they heal much faster and most often right away. The reasons are simple, they are much more aware of the energies around them than adults are. They haven’t developed negative or false beliefs; they haven’t placed limitations on themselves or the world around them. They haven’t formed an opinion on what works and what doesn’t, they simply trust. They are much more open to the possibilities without even trying. They never wait around hoping to see if it will work and they never spend one second doubting. This is a powerful piece to the puzzle of life and a huge part of their healing process; it’s mine and every alternative health care provider’s best client!!

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Understanding Energy


Energy and how it relates to the Emotion Code

Blue_energy-blogWe know there is an energy field in all living things. The chairs we sit in, the food we eat, the air we breathe, trees, animals, everything!! And every-thing has its own unique frequency, its own blue print so to speak. This energy field is known by many different names – the prana, chi, qi, life force, the spirit and more. This means that even the words we think and speak come with their very own frequency.

In the popular book “Messages from Water”, Masaru Emoto and his team of scientists explain what they found by flash freezing water droplets into snowflakes. They measured water from reservoirs, lakes and streams in Japan. What they discovered, as they flash froze the water were many patterns immerging according to where the water was from and what the water was exposed to. Continue reading

Revealing the Hidden Energetic Field in all Living Things

Kirlian:appleIn 1939 a man by the name of Semyon Kirlian invented an amazing photographic technique that is known as Kirlian photography. Many studies that have been published about this kind of photography. What makes this photography unique is that it shows us the energy field in all living things, which to the naked eye is hidden. His photography exposes the living energy within the subjects. Seemingly lifeless grains of wheat that had been lying dormant for thousands of years were able to grow when given proper water and sunlight. One of my favorite Kirlian photos is of an apple cut in half. Beautiful!

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Healing Animals

Releasing Trapped Emotions from our pets.

Animals experience the same range of emotions that humans do and just like us they either movePets:sad older dog through the emotions easily or the emotion can become stuck. Any animal lover will tell you that their pets behavior and body language will give subtle hints as to what emotion they may be experiencing. Our pets have feelings too and when events in their lives are traumatic they can suffer from Trapped Emotions (TE) or may have even developed a Heart Wall. These TE can be released with the Emotion Code.

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Heart Wall

What is the Heart Wall?

Heart breaking through a wall 2

The Heart Wall is an emotional wall that our subconscious mind will place around our heart chakra in an attempt to shield and protect the Heart from being hurt, it is made up of trapped emotions (TE), these are literally negative emotional energies that have become stuck which if not eliminated they may cause problems . The Heart Wall blocks our ability to give and receive love easily and effortlessly. It may also create emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and numbness as well as a host of other challenges. It may cause physical effects such as neck pain, shoulder trouble, discomfort in the chest and heart diseases to name a few. It blocks our ability to live an abundant life. Happiness can be hard to find. Our relationships, careers and sense of self worth suffer because of it.

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Trapped Emotions

What are Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions (TE) are negative energies that cause imbalances in our system which can lead to emotional, mental and physical pain. If left untreated they eventually lead to disease, dis-ease. TE can have a dramatic and adverse affect on how we think and feel as well as how we relate to others. TE cause unwanted patterns in our lives that will keep showing up again and again because the negitive emotion is resonating in our bodies. Therefore like attracts like. They contribute to the choices we make and they can negatively affect our personal relationships and our success if not found and released.

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