My Personal Code of Ethics

My Personal Code of Ethics
1- I am working to enhance the image of the metaphysical/spiritual community by living with personal and professional integrity.

2- I am treating all persons equally without prejudice or discrimination because of sex, race, ethnic background, color, religious affiliation, or sexual preference.

3- I am scrupulously avoiding fraudulent practice, and I always strive for quality in my ability to read and heal others energy in all metaphysical and spiritual work.

4- I am encouraging seekers to accept total responsibility and accountability for their own lives and the choices they must make in their lives.

5- I am honoring others’ points of view, even those that may differ from my own.

6- I am setting reasonable fees with no hidden costs.

7- I am keeping all client sessions & information confidential & discreet unless I am given direct permission to share their story.

8- I am not nor will I ever claim 100% accuracy, because no one has all the answers all the time. God, Spirit and/or the Universal Power has a plan that is not always revealed to us in real time.

9- I advise my clients that I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or medical doctor and therefore do not give diagnosis or psychological counseling.

10- I do not counsel that someone is about to die or has a terminal disease even if my intuitive skills tell me this is so.

11- I will never try to force clients to accept what I am telling them but rather invite them to put the information on a back shelf and allow it to show up in their experience when and if the client is ready.

12- I keep my clients’ welfare in mind. In cases where I feel I cannot mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and/or psychically serve the client. I will advise them honestly and refer them to another Energy Healer and or Spiritual Intuitive. I reserve the right to refuse service if needed.

13. I will always and without question ask permission first before connecting to my client or non-client’s subconscious mind and/or body. I respect the clients and non-clients personal boundaries.

14. I will always advise that I work with a whole host of angelic beings under the direction of God / Source Energy / Universal Source Energy and that I am only the vessel as to which healing or communication occurs. I am not the healer. God / Source / Universal Energy is. I am the co-healer and the Spiritual Liaison between this physical plane and the spiritual plane.


Tracy Durrant

~ I have the pleasure of working with a sacred team, a whole host of angelic  beings and Ascended Masters all under the direction of God / Higher Power / Source Energy. I recognize that I am only the vessel as to which communication occurs. I call myself a “Spiritual Liaison”. I am the go between for the physical and the spiritual planes! I am not the healer or the message barer. God is.

A love note from someone who cares – “Honor and respect our journey, we are exactly where we are suppose to be in this moment and in every moment after that, we’ve got this!” ~ Love, your Higher Self

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