Most Commonly Asked Questions

#1Why can only one emotion be released at a time?

Each trapped emotion has its own frequency and significance in your life as well as the time it occurred. Many factors play an important role such as, was the emotion yours? Was it absorbed from another person or was it inherited? Each unique energy affects us in a variety of ways. On occasion the subconscious/body will release the emotion by just identifying it but usually the subconscious mind wants the conscious mind to understand a little more about the emotion. Each emotional energy is there to bring a sense of awareness. Each emotion needs to be recognized, inquired about, cleared and confirmed as having been cleared before we can move on.

processing-mindHow many emotions can my body release in one session?

Typically the body will release anywhere between 5 to 13 emotions in about a 45 minute session, but I have seen the subconscious/body release as many as 13 in one session or as low as 2 or 3 emotions depending on what the subconscious/body will allow and that is ok. We must respect and trust the wisdom of the body. Each emotion released must go through a process internally before releasing, much like a processing computer that slows down at times, we can’t push the process. We know it’s time to stop and let the body process and heal when we start having difficulty in the testing process, in other words when the subconscious/body gives us faulty answers.

ansectorsWhat are inherited emotions?

An inherited trapped emotion is received from a parent and passed to us at the moment of conception. Inherited emotions can go back several generations and come to us literally through our DNA. The good news here is that when you release an inherited emotion, it also releases from whomever you received it from and from all recipients, which means it is no longer passed down to your children or grandchildren and so on. This is great news!

nesting painWhat is a nest of emotions?

This is when multiple emotions become lodged together in one area. A nest of emotions can either be made up of multiple occurrences of the same emotion or several emotions that are completely different from one another. Sometimes they are related to a certain event or relationship and are most often related to physical pain. Usually when a nest is discovered and each emotion is released, a decrease in pain is felt with each released emotion. I have seen as many as ten emotions in one nest.

happy:sad emotionWhat is an absorbed emotion?

It is possible that you may have absorbed negative emotions from another person. This happens when we are with others as they go through some intense emotions of their own. In these times the energy of their emotions may penetrate our energetic field. This happens simply by being nearby, or being involved in the experience.

Pregnant-BellyWhat is a prenatal emotion?

Emotions can become trapped in your babies body after conception. This is different than Inherited Emotions (see above). Prenatal Emotions are trapped after conception but before birth, usually occurring within the first trimester. These emotions are usually absorbed from the mother but because your baby has a level of awareness about the world around them they may also absorb negative emotions from others. Usually from the mother, father or someone very close to the mother.

rescueWhat is a psychic trauma?

A Psychic Trauma is when two or more emotions are felt simultaneously and become trapped together into one ball of energy. This ball of energy becomes it’s own unique frequency. Psychic Trauma can also be inherited. Usually Psychic Traumas become trapped from an extremely intense experience but can become trapped by every day stress. For a Psychic Trauma to be released you must identify all the emotions involved.

Clock:oldWhy do I have to wait a couple of days before I can release any more emotions?

At the end of each session, I will ask your body, how many days do you need to process and heal this information? Typically the body indicates 24 – 48 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. Please keep in mind that your body has just dumped toxic energy, and is indeed healing. You may feel some mild side affects in the processing phase. Most commonly a person may feel what we call echo emotions. By echo emotions, I mean you may feel a small portion of the emotion or emotions that were released. This typically lasts only for a day or two. You may feel tired, a little sick or maybe even shed a tear or two. This is ok and expected. Congrats, you have released unwanted trapped emotions. Some people do not experience any side affects at all and that is ok as well. Remember, before I move on I ask the body to confirm to me that the emotion has been released.

Woman in bathWhat can I do to help with the healing process?

After a session, I suggest taking a warm Epsom Salt bath (please follow all instructions on the package of salt). If available I would even add the essential oil Lavender to the bath. Lavender is soothing and very calming. If you don’t have either a warm bath will still help. Be kind to yourself, take a small nap or find some quiet time. Just take it easy for a couple of days. Most people don’t even notice any side effects until they are over and then they may reflect on it and recognize that they had a few.

lie detectorWhat is muscle testing?

Our muscles will communicate a yes or no answer to us the same way a lie detector or polygraph can communicate a true or false statement. All the lie detector is doing is noticing the reactions of your muscles. Our muscles will go weak with a false or a “no” answer and stay strong with a true or “yes” answer. All of our body parts communicate with each other. We use about 10% of our conscious mind or intelligence (thinking, making decision, listening, remembering etc.) and the other 90% of our intelligence is subconscious. Our subconscious mind is like a giant database; it records and archives EVERYTHING such as every taste, smell, touch, or site we have ever experienced. It records the history of our health or disease right down to the atomic level. That being said, we can ask the body a yes or no question and get the answer. The more specific and question the more accurate the answer.

Muscle testing2Can I muscle test myself?

Sure!! Anyone can do it. This can be done by yourself or with a friend. For beginners I would suggest asking a friend to help. Just hold your arm out straight, applying a little resistance ask your friend to test your arm by just pushing down on your forearm. Keep in mind this is a not contest on who is the strongest by force vs. force, just apply a small amount of pressure as well as a small amount of resistance. Now that you know your arm is strong say a true statement such as “my name is (say your name)” then waiting about 4-5 seconds have your friend push down on your arm. Your muscles will stay strong for a true or a yes answer. Have them do it again but this time give a false name and the muscle will go weak suggesting that the answer is false. Good luck and have fun!

Energy-fingersHow can an Emotion Code therapy session work by email or over the phone?

It works because of Proxy Testing. This is called remote or distance healing. Proxy testing is required and used for healing at a distance. Energy has no boundaries! I can temporarily set aside my own bodies needs and stand in proxy for anyone asking to be tested. All I need is your permission to do so and have the intention of becoming your private proxy. The results are the same as if you were physically right here with me. Most of my work is done from a distance, I have clients that actually prefer this. This makes it very convenient for those out the area as well as for those who just want to save travel time.  After the session is over I always break the connection.

magboy3Why do you use a magnet during the releasing process?

When your trapped emotion is brought to the surface I use a magnet to release the emotion. Magnets emit a pure form of energy, our bodies are an energy field, energy working with energy. By swiping with a magnet, the magnets energy field enters the governing meridian, spreads to all the other meridians and releases the trapped emotional energy. Some people wear magnetic bracelets as well as sleep with magnets in there bed. Magnets are a powerful method for healing, they get the energy to move!

164ASPWE444852Are you against Western Medicine or taking prescribed drugs?

Absolutely not! I am a mother of two beautiful children. I had a Mid Wife deliver both of them in the hospital. My son was 6 weeks early and had to be transferred to the University Hospital. The doctors did a great job for 10 days and without them he wouldn’t of survived. I am forever thankful we had that option. I believe there is a place and time for Western Medicine. I also believe there is a time for prescribed drugs but for most of us (myself included and before the Emotion Code) tend to over do the prescription drugs, mostly for the quick fix or lack of a knowledge etc. In my opinion Westernized Medicine has a tendency to treat the symptoms and not the root. In my experience I have had doctors speak with me for only a few minutes, diagnose and then prescribe without giving any test or doing further research. On several occasions I have found out that what they have prescribe wasn’t accurate. As you know, this can be very frustrating. The healing method I use with the Emotion Code has allowed me personally to get off 4 individual prescriptions which makes all of them for me, one’s I have been taking for over 20 years.  I have never felt better. As you could imagine, I am a big cheerleader of this work. It fires me up that there are alternatives!! Alternative medicine, eating correctly and exercise takes dedication and a desire to reach for something better. I have come along ways and I have a ways to go. Loving exercise is my next Mount Everest but I will get there! Natural healing methods have been around for thousands of years, the Western World is starting to remember this and the benefits it provides, more and more people are jumping on the band wagon and seeing results!!