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Hello, my name is Tracy. Isn’t it time you fell in love with yourself again? When you came into this life you innately loved yourself and the world around you! 

The single most important decision I ever made in life was the wonderful decision to love myself.  For me, that hasn’t always been easy but when I made that one decision and meant it, miraculous things began to happen.

Before I share with you the good news, Hearts hangingI want to paint a better picture of myself in hopes that it can help you understand that the choice to love yourself can be the best decision you will ever make. It matters!

For a very long time I never really truly loved myself. My life was exhausting. I was walking through life letting my false belief system define who I was. These false beliefs that myself or others imposed on me were the glasses I viewed myself through. Not only did I sell myself on them but I bought them from others. Self loathing was affecting me deep down on a cellular level. I was giving all my power (energy) away on a daily basis. Because of this, I didn’t feel worthy of a better life or have any self worth. I was swimming up stream constantly. I walked through life second guessing myself on everything. I had low-self esteem and was very insecure. This is a form of self abuse and I just couldn’t find a way to climb out of it.

There were times in my life where I experienced happiness, all of which were external. Therefore, these happy moments wouldn’t last long. Thank heavens I have two beautiful children who are the cause of IMG_0277much celebration and who were literally responsible for keeping me grounded. When a person chooses not to love themselves (and it’s all a choice) they live with reinforced negative thoughts about themselves. I was creating and re-creating unwanted patterns to occur. After some major life changes I was yet again standing facing a fork in the road, this fork was an internal mind fork as well as an external one. Newly divorced I was starting completely over. My dignity was gone and I was emotionally, spiritually and financially broken. It was daunting and I was tired and afraid.

While attempting to put the pieces of my life back, I chose to remarry too soon. Even though I married a great man whom I am still in love with, I could feel myself re-creating some of the old patterns. JustMarriedSignOnYellowCar:dreamstimeextrasmall_3750876I had to find a way to change my way of thinking. I had to eliminate the same self loathing patterns that were showing up again and again. It was time for a change! The words of my grandmother kept coming to my mind, “you have got to love yourself before you can love others”.

Thank you for bearing with me, this is where it gets good!! I was standing alone in my kitchen consumed again with self doubt when I had had enough. Through the tears and with a loud voice, I looked heavenward and proclaimed, “I will put you first and I will find a way to love myself, I am choosing now to love myself, I LOVE MYSELF.”

This is where the miraculous happened, at that exact moment I had an innate awareness envelope me. A very powerful feeling of immense love and support from beyond came to me. I knew that God loved me. I was experiencing it at that very moment, it was so powerful that it took me to my knees. The kind of love and light that people write about when they have had a near death experience. A kind of love that when people feel it, it changes them forever. I was greatly aware that God was the Prime Creator and that I was a part of God and that meant I am a co-creator. I could create anything I wanted, anything at all. I could move mountains if I desired. I had an overwhelming feeling of personal empowerment!! I felt love from every direction. From all the intellects of the universe who have ever lived and who have yet to come to earth, the ENERGY (spirit) in the room was amazing!! Love energyI realized that I had tapped into something very powerful and that all I did was make a decision with real intent. I believed I could really love myself, that all is well and that I am supported and always will be.

That day changed the course of my life. I was now on a mission! I have always loved people and wanted everyone to feel what I had felt. I now know that part of the pain I had gone through is part of the contract I made prior to coming to this earth and the other part of my life’s purpose is that I am suppose to help others fall in love with themselves! I am passionate about this work! I have come to know that part of my gift and Archetype is that of the Wounded Healer. My wounds are part of the Healer, I have been broken to where I can be open enough to treat with the Soul instead of the mind. We have all been wounded, your pain is not just theory to me, I have felt your pain. My ability to heal has come from the need to heal myself. There is no judgement here.

isolationI know your wounds could be that of betrayal or isolation either inflicted by yourself or from others. Maybe you have experienced the rape of your dignity or your belongings such as a riches to rags kind of story. Wounds come in all shapes and all sizes. Wounds could also come from feeling completely misunderstood by the people who mean the most to us. When this happens we feel powerless. This usually takes us to the darkness of rejection, rejection from others or worse, rejection from self. Unfortunately when this happens we often become the wound giver. It would be wise for all of us to see the wound giver within ourselves, for if we are wounded we will wound. The key is to forgive, forgive ourselves and others. For this reason alone it is important to allow yourself the gift of well being. To me, nothing is more important in life. Love yourself and the ability to love others easily and effortlessly will naturally happen. YOUR WORLD WILL CHANGE!

When I began my journey to well being, the sun finally came out. sun and cloudsReleasing unwanted emotions has allowed me to forgive myself and others. I now love on a much deeper level and life is easier to move through. My grandmother was right, “when you love yourself, it’s much easier to love others”. I was also able to release emotions that were causing me chronic pain on a daily basis and it was so simple. That day in my kitchen had set me on a journey. A wonderful personal journey to find out more about the ENERGY I had felt both on a Spiritual level as well as from the eyes of science. My path eventually lead me to learn about positive and negative energies. I have learned that our thoughts and feelings are made up of energy just as everything else is and each thought or feeling has it’s own frequency. A fingerprint or blueprint so to speak. Each of our emotions come with their own unique frequency. The emotions of love, appreciation and gratitude are among the highest frequencies. The lowest are that of shame and guilt.

When we experience traumas or stress in our lives, we experience the emotions that come with them such as frustration, grief, self-abuse, depression, humiliation, anxiety and so on. Sometimes the energy of these negative emotions can get trapped within us. These trapped emotions are in our cellular tissues. We can even inherit negative emotions from our ancestors. DNA 2They are in fact a part of our DNA. I am very happy to report that I found one of the most fascinating discoveries that Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of the emotion code has made. My discovery has helped me eliminated my own trapped emotions as well other unseen negative energies and my own Heart Wall. I have seen it work in my life and the lives of others 100’s of people. I have seen others make positive changes and it is infectious.

This work fills me up. I just can’t stop smiling! I take zero credit for this work that is of a spiritual nature, even Dr. Nelson will tell you that. Whatever your Higher Power is, it wants you to be happy, to succeed in life and to have more abundance!! Give it a shot. Give an Emotion Code therapy session or any of my other services to clear negative and unwanted energy. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s time to release your unwanted negative emotions. Haven’t you beat yourself up enough? Take your life back and start living the life you were meant to live.

Love yourself!

Tracy Durrant

~ I have the pleasure of working with a sacred team, a whole host of angelic beings and Ascended Masters all under the direction of God / Higher Power / Source Energy. I recognize that I am only the vessel as to which communication occurs. I call myself a “Spiritual Liaison”. I am the go between for the physical and the spiritual planes! I am not the healer or the message barer. God is.

A love note from someone who cares – “Honor and respect our journey, we are exactly where we are suppose to be in this moment and in every moment after that, we’ve got this!” Love, your Higher Self

CECP, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner,
Rescue Medium, Shaman & Conscious Life Mentor
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