Choose from either an Email or Phone Sessions. 

All sessions will be with me, Tracy Durrant and held in MT (Mountain Time). Session times run differently depending on which session you choose and can either be focused on general wellness, targeted to specifically addressing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues by releasing Trapped Emotions as well as eliminating other negative energies or the Heart Wall. I also offer sessions geared toward Spiritual Guidance, check ’em out!

Please scroll through the service box to find what you are looking for. There are several more sessions than what you can initially see! Session details are given when you click on each option. 

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Phone Sessions-

For phone sessions, it is your responsibility to call me at 801-884-3434 in US Mountain Time on your scheduled appointment. Please check time zones and prepare accordingly. Thank you!! Skype sessions are available only upon request.

Email Sessions-

For email sessions ALL correspondence will be done through email only, this is NOT a phone appointment. My scheduling software will say something about a phone call during the scheduling process, please ignore this. All correspondence will be through email.

Email sessions are very convenient for those in parts of the world that don’t match up with my regular working hours as well as saves you time and travel. There is no difference in the efficacy of an In Person, Phone or Email Sessions for energy has no boundaries. 

Company Policies and Disclaimers

For payment policies as well as canceling or rescheduling appointments and to view disclaimers please see policies.

Drink Water!

I recommend drinking water before and during your session. Why? Water is a conduit for energy, the more you have the better the flow. We know there are many benefits to treating our bodies with this elixir of life. We also know our bodies are about 75% made up of water. The more you drink the better, so drink up!

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